Oceanian Sketches Free Screensaver

Oceanian Sketches Free Screensaver 2.0

Free screensaver featuring many cool images of the ocean

Many of us choose the beach as our vacations destination and dream about living near the sea. Now we can accomplish this goal, at least virtually, with this screensaver. It features a series of sea and sea-related images. You will see several Caribean and Mediterranenan beaches, as well as islands and other sceneries, like the mysterious statues of the Easter Island.

The screensaver shows interesting transition effects between the images, which make it more pleasant. It also has a control panel, which allows you to customize several of its settings, like the duration of the images and transitions, as well as the brightness of the screen. Also, you can choose to show or hide the FPS counter and the clock. If you decide to show it, you can choose between a 12- and a 24-hour format.

Although it does not feature any music or sound effects, an advantage of this program is that, unlike other screensavers, it does not ask you to change your Web browser's homepage or install a toolbar or anything else. This is a really god thing and makes the program more enjoyable.

Victor Hernandez
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